Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 iPad

EA has done it again by bringing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 to the iPad and iPad 2.  There’s eight great courses and the same modes of play that you are used to from console releases of previous Tiger Woods PGA games.  The graphics were a bit sacrificed to fit in the courses, Sawgrass, St.Andrews, Pebble Beach, […]

TeamViewer HD Free for iPad

TeamViewer for the iPad gives you control over your Mac, Linux or Windows systems right from your iPad.  This is a great app for those in IT system administration or anyone that’s on the road for business.  If you left a spreadsheet on your PC at work or home, you can load up TeamViewer HD […]

Infinity Blade for iPad and iPad 2

Infinity Blade uses the Unreal Engine to create massive 3D world filled with crushing blows and deadly battles.  The games uses tap and slash as you cut your way through foe after foe.  If you are a warrior at heart, then Infinity Blade will provide hours of entertainment.  The leveling system ads to the dynamic […]

Dead Space HD iPad App Review

Your friends mocking you for buying an iPad thinking you could FPS game with it?  Dead Space is the the game changer app for the iPad that lets you get into an incredible HD first person shooter through an immersive horror universe.  This is the app for the iPad that competes with consoles on an […]

Best iPad Apps Splashtop Remote Desktop

One of the features that has been capitalized by the tablet world, is the ability to do work on the go. The iPad provides a large enough screen and powerful enough processor that any work is possible. Being able to make one’s iPad a more mobile version of a desktop of large laptop can easily […]

Best iPad Apps Guide Reviews iStunt 2

iStunt 2 is a great snowboarding game available on the apple app store. The revamped version of the game provides high quality graphics and a variety of levels to prove ones snowboarding skills. There are currently 42 different levels that are available through two different landscapes. Each level is a combination of jumps, distractions and […]

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  • The Weather Channel for iPad

    The Weather Channel for iPad

    Whether you need information on the weather in Kansas or you need to know if it’s going to rain or shine in your neighborhood, The Weather Channel for iPad will definitely help you out. This app utilizes information from a team of 200 (and counting) meteorologists who provide up-to-date information on the ever-changing weather all […]

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    Best iPad Apps Must Have Apps

    If you just got your iPad then you will want to start filling it up with the best iPad apps to customize it to how you will use your iPad daily.  Some of the essentials will be productivity apps, and those apps that will make your life a lot more simple. Best iPad Apps Let’s […]

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  • Angry Birds HD

    Angry Birds HD

    The classic gameplay of tossing birds at pigs is finally getting an HD upgrade! Angry Birds, the popular app game where you take revenge on the pigs that stole the bird’s eggs by flinging the birds right at them is getting the HD treatment for the iPad. Angry Birds HD finally lets you experience the […]

  • DEAD SPACE HD iPad App

    Dead Space HD iPad App Review

    Your friends mocking you for buying an iPad thinking you could FPS game with it?  Dead Space is the the game changer app for the iPad that lets you get into an incredible HD first person shooter through an immersive horror universe.  This is the app for the iPad that competes with consoles on an […]

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  • Skype for iPad

    Skype for iPad

    Skype is one of the well-known programs that let you contact loved ones, friends, and colleagues from the distance. Now, you can finally bring that great feature to your iPad! Skype for iPad is the app that lets you bring the wonderful features of Skype and finally let you contact the people you care about […]

  • best apps facetime social networking 3

    Facetime by Apple for iPad 2

    Facetime by Apple gives you videoconferencing powers right to your iPad 2.  The front facing camera on the iPad 2 makes Facetime the ideal app to use for keeping in touch with friends or holding important business meetings.  Facetime is a great app that you should check out today for your iPad 2. Tweet

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  • Best iPad Apps FitnessClass iPad2

    Best iPad Apps FitnessClass

    If you are a fitness buff or just looking to put on a little muscle mass and drop some fat, then this utility app for the iPad and iPad 2 is sweet.  FitnessClass gives you access to over two-hundred fitness videos ranging from toning, strengthening and fat burning.  You can customize the videos you see […]

  • best ipad apps etrade utilities

    E*TRADE for the iPad and iPad 2

    E*TRADE makes fast paced stock decisions easy to execute on your iPad and iPad2.  The latest breaking news on stocks and finance is delivered directly to you along with video from CNBC.  Check out your portfolio, account and other details along with streaming real-time quotes.  E*TRADE doesn’t store your personal data on your iPad so […]

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  • Goodreads App for iPad

    It can often be hard to trust the reviews you read online for certain products.  When you are looking for a good book, reviews can be especially important.  You don’t want to waste your money on a book that doesn’t hold your attention or isn’t written well.  You also don’t want to waste your time […]

  • Daily Workouts iPad Review

    Daily Workouts iPad Review

    If you are ready to get in shape, but you don’t have the time or money to spend at the gym every day, you can now turn your iPad into your very own personal trainer for just $3.99 with the Daily Workouts app. With the Daily Workouts app, you get the expertise of a personal […]

  • Pandora Radio iPad App Reivew

    Pandora Radio iPad App Reivew

    App Description  With the Pandora Radio iPad app, you get to experience the music you love wherever you are. The Pandora Radio iPad app is completely free, allowing you to personalize your music experience at no cost. All you need to do is name one of your favorite songs or artists, and Pandora will instantly create a […]

  • Carat

    Every owner of a smart phone certainly hates it when his battery runs out and there is no charger nearby. Here comes the role of Carat as Carat is the only application that would help you avoid that. Carat is an application that would constantly give you advice and tips on how to make sure that your […]

  • First Aid – American Red Cross

    First Aid- American Red Cross is one of the most useful applications out there as it can literally save a life. This application provides you with very useful tips and advice about emergencies that you might yourself against. It resembles having a doctor in your smart phone that would tell you what to do when injured or […]

  • ABC iPad App

    ABC iPad App

    Need to catch up on Modern Family? Want to see the big finale on Happy Endings? Now you don’t have to flock to your TV! The ABC Player app is your one-way ticket to finally watching the best TV shows ABC has to offer and now you can watch them all in your iPad. The […]

  • Netflix App Review

    Netflix App Review

    Tired of buying DVD and Blu-Ray? Don’t like to wait at the queue to get that favorite movie of yours? Now you can finally watch your favorite movies right on your lap with the Netflix app for your iPad. The Netflix app for your iPad is the app that lets you watch movies without the […]

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